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Author: Petra Höfer und Freddie Röckenhaus
Co-Author: Francesca D‘Amicis

Camera operator: Thomas Schäfer sowie Patrick Brandt und Udo Lachnit

Sound: Marcus Holzner

Cutter: Jörg Wegner

Producer: Peter Arens, ZDF

When God made the American continent, he raised the massive land on one side for a final look at his masterpiece - and all the raisins and the nuggets rolled into California. That‘s what American kids learn at school. And that‘s what people all over the world faithfully believe in.

Goldrush and Kerouac‘s "On the road", Rodeo Drive and Silicon Valley, Disneyland and fitness gurus, Haight Ashbury and Beverly Hills, flowerpower and drive-in-churches, Yosemite and Mendocino, psychotherapy and silicon beach bums, Death Valley and Malibu - no other country has shaped as many modern myths as California. No other country has made more dreams come true. Since the early gold rush people have brought their hopes to the Westcoast - to find instant wealth or spiritual enlightening.

Hollywood has become the dream factory of the world, creating the very Californian idea that reality can be made to order. California makes people wear flowers in their hair and surf the latest trends humming "Good Vibrations", the Beach Boys‘ anthem of the West Coast. Travelguides claim optimism to be a religion here and opportunity an article of faith. It‘s the sunny end of the american dream - making millions of Germans dream along, floating into the nature parks every spring and autumn.

california dreamin´ will supply pictures and people to the Californian myth. Portraying the Californian lifestyle and landscape. Interviewing locals and immigrants officially living nine hours behind our time but already gaining a glimpse into the future. A four-part road-movie taking the audience on a magic carpet ride from San Diego to Eureka.